6/28/20 Weekly Mentor Update

It’s almost July! What are you doing to celebrate the 4th this year? Things will probably look a little different this year, for several reasons, but we hope the holiday brings you good times and good cheer none the less! ❤️💙 REMINDER: Now that you’ve delivered an activity box to your mentee, it’s time to […]

6/21/20 Weekly Mentor Update

Happy Father’s Day to you and your loved ones! We hope that today you are able to celebrate the fathers in your lives, the fatherly role you play, the memories or fathers who have passed and/or the hope of one day being a father. REMINDER: Doorstep Activity Boxes are ready to go! Please plan to […]

6/15/20 Weekly Mentor Update

It’s SUMMER BREAK for your mentees! No more virtual learning for the next 3 months. Time for less screens and more play! Woo hoo! ***If you are having ANY trouble at all staying in touch or connected with your mentee while we’re in quarantine, LET YOUR COACH KNOW RIGHT AWAY!*** Don’t forget to follow us […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Launching Into Phase 1

With the events of the last couple of weeks, we want to extend another huge thank you for the ways you are working in your relationships to elevate the voices of our mentees and families.  We want to make sure you feel supported, and that our black students and families feel seen and heard.  Please reach […]