Hear more about Intentional Mentoring and why we need you!

Our Mission: 

Mentors interact with school, community, and families in order to strengthen the support network for students facing adversity.

Vision Statement:

In the face of adversity, students will prevail.


Even coaches need coaches. Intentional Mentoring involves all mentors in continuous coaching, both peer to peer and facilitator to mentor, so that there is ongoing support and a sense of community for each mentoring relationship at every level of the organization.


Intentional Mentoring was built with the Madison community in mind. This allows the program to effectively create the time and space for school, home, and community members to come together in support of each mentee. With this multi-level support system, mentees gain the confidence and skills required to overcome adversity and reach their potential.


The matching process plays an important function in the success of any mentoring relationship. Intentional Mentoring maintains a human matching coordinator who connects mentors and mentees who share similar interests and values. This ensures that the mentor-mentee relationship is supported by a firm foundation and provides the space for learning and growth.