Our Mission: 

Mentors interact with school, community, and families in order to strengthen the support network for students facing adversity.

Vision Statement:

In the face of adversity, students will prevail.

Seeking Intentionality The Why

“The missing link between teaching, coaching, leading, and mentoring was the intentional piece; the piece that assumes our mentee is a part of many things, and is intentionally there in the gaps.”

Roots The What

You may have heard of the achievement gap within our school systems. This achievement gap is both academic and social. Some students have a support network, and their roots are intertwined; others are less connected and may have a more difficult time standing tall in the face of storms. We hope to provide coaching support for students’ roots to grab onto so they can continue to grow upward.

Connections The How

Intentional Mentoring builds relationships with intentionality. This happens through intentional pairings and intentional coaching of mentors and mentees. This program values communication bridges linking the many areas of a student’s life in order to provide additional support through each moment.