Happy Labor Day weekend!! Enjoy the day off tomorrow – we all deserve it!

*Just a friendly reminder – please be mindful of Dane County’s face mask order. If you are spending time indoors with your mentee, be sure that you’re both wearing a mask (We have some if you or your mentee need one). If you’re outdoors, please remain cautious and smart about your interactions with each other.

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Challenge for the week:

For September, the challenges will center around the theme of Back to School. This week’s challenge is to surprise your mentee with a little back to school love. Maybe they find out on the first day that everyone is class has a really cool Zoom background but they don’t know how to get one. Could you help them set one up? Maybe, you go have lunch at school (aka their house/backyard) with your mentee (definitely ask them first if this is okay with them). How about instead of hanging out at 5:00 pm, you pick them up after school and take them to get their favorite ice cream flavor. How about writing some happy, fun notes and texting them, snail mailing them or emailing them to your mentee. Or, start a growth chart and plan to see how much your mentee grows throughout the year. Whatever it is, make sure to spoil your mentee a little bit and show them that back to school is FUN! As always, talk, question, listen, challenge and encourage your mentee!

BONUS CHALLENGE: September is Back-to-School Month and the layered crises facing our nation have made it, perhaps more than ever, imperative that we show up for mentees. With all of the uncertainty surrounding what back-to-school will look like, we need to make sure that students are heard, seen and supported during their learning. Challenge yourself to ask more questions, listen to the details and offer support to both your mentee and their family during this critical time.

TIP of the WEEK: Several different ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) can impact children for years after their experience. Some examples of ACE’s are: Abuse (physical, emotional or sexual), neglect (emotional or physical), household dysfunction (substance abuse, mental illness, divorce, or incarcerated parent), witnessed violence, unsafe neighborhood, bullying, or lived in foster care. There are also culture-based sources of trauma. These may include discrimination, racism, microaggressions, homelessness/mobility, immigration stress and social isolation. If your mentee has experienced any of these things, they are most likely dealing with the impact of their experience. 


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