It’s time for March! Spring training has started, St. Patrick’s Day is coming, the snow is melting . . . it’s almost time to say “Bye bye, Winter!”

Just a friendly reminder – please be mindful of Dane County’s face mask order & COVID precautions mandates.

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Challenge for the week:

For March, the challenges will center around the theme of Literacy. This week’s challenge is to read with your mentee. Perhaps this looks like sitting in a coffee shop with your own books and cup of hot cocoa (or via Zoom but still with books an cocoa!) Maybe it’s you reading your mentee’s favorite book with them or reading part of your favorite book to them. Or, you might grab a local newspaper and look through it asking your mentee to pick out an article that seems interesting to them. Whatever you read and however you do it, be sure to discuss it with your mentee after! What did they find interesting or confusing? How does what they read relate to their personal life? The discussion possibilities are endless!   

BONUS CHALLENGE:  March is Women’s History Month. Check out these links, Women’ or 31 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month for ideas on learning, sharing and growing in knowledge and awareness.

TIP of the WEEK: Talking about bias and inclusion isn’t always easy but, sometimes, a little inspiration can help. Check-out this video, created by Love Has No Labels, to see if it sparks any questions or discussion.

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Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates:

ASHLEY: Scheduled Individually for now

RYAN: Monday, March 1st 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Upcoming Events to Note

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“The key to change is creating the space for young people to imagine a better way of life and support them so they can act on that vision.”  ~S. Ginwright

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