Activity Idea for the Week

For December, the challenges will center around the theme of Family. This week’s challenge is for you to spend a little time with someone in your mentee’s family. This could look a lot of ways. Some options are:

1.) Hang around for a few minutes and talk to mom/dad/guardian when you pick up or drop off your mentee.

2.) Invite a family member to come along on one of your excursions.

3.) Plan on doing something at your mentee’s home while the family is around

Try to get to know a little more about the people in your mentee’s life so you can understand their world just a little bit more.

Tip of the Week

When working with a mentee who has not learned appropriate emotional responses due to the impact of poverty, a mentor modeling appropriate social behaviors can provide a significant learning opportunity for the mentee. The mentee’s mirror neurons can still pick up on the clues that they missed earlier. Never doubt how much your mentee is learning from you through your words AND actions! ~Taken from Teaching Children from Poverty and Trauma.

📸 We love seeing photos of you and your mentee spending time together! Please share them with us via your coach or using the hashtag #intentionalmentoringmadison 📸

Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates

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RYAN: TBD 5:30 – 6:30pm

Upcoming Events to Note

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