Weekly Training Resource

This week’s training resource is the eleventh chapter, about effective conversations about behavior change, of a training called Becoming a Better Mentor.

How does this help me in my mentoring relationship? This is a great resource as you think about SMART goals with your mentee.

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Challenge for the Week

​For October, the challenges will center around the theme of Character Education. This week’s challenge is to teach your mentee about responsibility. Responsibility involves students being accountable for their actions, working independently in an effective way, and meeting obligations. Start by asking your mentee for their definition of responsibility. Then ask them to think about their own experiences and how they have had to be responsible. Next up, talk about areas of their lives where they could start being more responsible or areas where they may have too much responsibility (or assumed responsibility). This is a great time to talk to your mentee about their responsibility as a student (do they truly know what they are responsible for as a student?), a sibling, a son or daughter, a community member, a teammate, etc.

Personal Responsibility
TRUE or FALSE – I do what needs to be done
TRUE or FALSE – I am reliable and dependable
TRUE or FALSE – I never make excuses or blame others for my actions
TRUE or FALSE – I always follow through on my commitments

Social Responsibility
TRUE or FALSE – I do my part for the common good
TRUE or FALSE – I volunteer in my school or community
TRUE or FALSE – I participate in community service
TRUE or FALSE – I do what I can to help take care of the environment

I think I am/am not a responsible person because _________________

 You can follow up this self-evaluation with a discussion using some of the prompts below.

  1. What does “taking responsibility” mean?
  2. How does behaving responsibly affect our relationships with our friends? How important is that?
  3. How does behaving responsibly affect your relationship with your parents? How important is that?
  4. Have you ever caused problems for somebody else by being irresponsible? What happened? Would you do things differently if you had another chance?
  5. Has anybody ever caused problems for you by being irresponsible? What happened? What do you wish that person understood about what happened?
  6. How does it make you feel when somebody lets you down?
  7. How does it make you feel when you have let somebody else down?
  8. Do you think there is any connection between being responsible and being trusted? Between being responsible and being respected?

It would be great if you shared answers to these questions as well. Model being vulnerable and open in honest conversations. Talk, listen, share and learn together!

Tip of the Week

Some other ways you can help support someone who has experienced trauma, is by focusing on choice and collaboration.



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