Weekly Training Resource

This week’s training resource is a 27 minute podcast called “One Trusted Adult”.

How does this help me in my mentoring relationship? A trusted adult during the teen years is key to ensuring a person’s mental health remains strong in their lifetime. In the episode, Brooklyn cites research that has proven this concept again and again. This trusted figure can be a parent, but it can also be someone outside the home such as a coach, teacher, aunt, uncle, etc. If the non-parent mentor is connected to the parents in some way,  that’s even better. They talk about:

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Challenge for the Week

For August, the challenges will center around the theme of Friendship. This week’s challenge is to have an intentional conversation about friendships with your mentee. You’ve probably already talked, at least some, about your mentee’s friends, but what do you know about their views on friendship? Do they value friendship? Do they prefer a few close friends or a large group of friends? In their opinion, what makes a good friend? Do they think they are a good friend? Why or why not? Instead of talking about who their friends are, talk about why those are their friends. Get some insight into where they’re mind is in terms of friendship so that you can dig in further over the next couple of weeks!

Tip of the Week

It’s hard to achieve a goal if you never set one. Am I right, or am I right? Many times kids don’t think about much more than what’s happening within the next 5 minutes, which can make goal setting difficult for them. Be their helper in visualizing tasks, activities, conversations, work, etc. that they want to accomplish and then work with your mentee to design, and begin working toward, a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goal.

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