Weekly Training Resource

This week’s training resource is a short article is called “With Student Trauma, It’s Okay to Set Boundaries”.

How does this help me in my mentoring relationship? From the article: “In working with students who are in pain, educators may experience emotional, physical, and relational symptoms, with many affected teachers emphasizing a kind of depression rooted in a reduced sense of personal accomplishment.” We don’t want this to happen to you!

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Challenge for the Week

For July, the challenges will center around the theme of Independence. This week, listen to how you and your mentee talk about their choices and decisions. If your mentee has learned independence, they will be able to say things like:

“I did what was right even when it was hard to do” 

“I was held accountable for my bad choices and paid for my mistakes”

“I worked to get what I wanted it, it wasn’t all handed to me”

“I have the skills to handle my problems head on”

If you’re helping your mentee to learn and practice independence, your words and responses will foster this growth, rather than undermine it. You  will be able to say things like:

“If you really want to do _____, show me that you can do so responsibly.”

“I noticed you made a poor decision. This is the consequence of that decision.” 

“If you really want ____, you can earn it by _____”

“What you did caused ______. You must now take responsibility for fixing it.”

BONUS CHALLENGE: July is Career Readiness Month so let’s learn about how you can help your mentee start preparing now. Step 1: Find out what your mentee wants to be when they grow up. If they have several ideas, learn more about their specific interests in each. If they have one idea, find out what made them hone in on that one. If they don’t have any ideas, help them sort through their interests and then share some careers that match those interests. If you need help, have them fill out this interest survey.

Tip of the Week

Sometimes routines provide safety and structure, and sometimes they can hinder relationships from moving forward. If you and your mentee always do the same thing when you’re together and you feel like your relationship isn’t growing as much as you’d like it to, perhaps it’s time to switch up your activities. Check out this activity list for lots of ideas! Don’t be afraid to try something new, switch things up once and awhile and challenge yourself and your relationship. You can learn a lot about someone while trying something new with them!

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