Weekly Training Resource

This week’s training resource is an article is called “What Great Listeners Actually Do”. Don’t forget to fill out the response form after completing each training.

Challenge for the Week

For July, the challenges will center around the theme of Independence. This week’s challenge is work on teaching your mentee self-help. The big idea here is to delay assistance for your mentee just long enough for them to see how, by being resourceful, they can figure some things out for themselves. Maybe your mentee is struggling with an issue in summer school or with a friend. Ask them to come up with a few possible solutions before you give advice. Maybe you’re playing a game together and your mentee is stuck and can’t figure out a move. Again, ask them to come up with possible solutions before you give any advice. The goal here is for your mentee to learn that, in some situations, they are independent enough to help themselves!

BONUS CHALLENGE: July is Career Readiness Month so let’s learn about how you can help your mentee start preparing now. Step 1: Find out what your mentee wants to be when they grow up. If they have several ideas, learn more about their specific interests in each. If they have one idea, find out what made them hone in on that one. If they don’t have any ideas, help them sort through their interests and then share some careers that match those interests. If you need help, have them fill out this interest survey.

Tip of the Week

Part of having strong communication in a relationship is giving and receiving feedback. This can be tough to do, but it’s key in building lasting relationships that empower all people involved. Start easy with things like, how do you think I did at planning our time together today? Or, ask for feedback on which of your meetings your mentee has enjoyed the most and why. Also be sure to give your mentee feedback on how they responded to different situations or how well they handled the conversations you had. If your mentee missed your time together or didn’t respond to your text, let them know how that made you feel. The more feedback you’re willing to give and receive, the closer you and your mentee will become!

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