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Challenge for the week:

For June, the challenges will center around the theme of Embrace Diversity. This week’s challenge is to take a look at diversity in the arts. There are many cultural influences in music, art and dance, some that your mentee may be aware of, and others that they may not be aware of. In order to expose your mentee to different styles, you could take a trip to the art museum or to the music store. If that’s not an option, pull up YouTube and search up cultural dances and songs. Perhaps you could go to the library and ask the librarian to help you locate books or magazines about art, dance or music from different cultures. Have your mentee share the arts of their culture and make sure that you share the arts of yours too!

BONUS CHALLENGE:  We can’t let any more time pass without doing the work to fight for social justice. This month’s bonus challenge is to begin or continue the work in yourself. I don’t know where each of you are in your journey or what you need to hear, but I do know that we are all works in progress with room to grow. Here are several resources to help you on your journey. Anti-Racist Resources

TIP of the WEEK: Active listening can help build trust and rapport with your mentee. When having a discussion, try following up what your mentee says with responses such as “I heard you say . . . ” “Now that you say that, I’m wondering . . . ” “Can you tell me more about . . . “

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RYAN: Monday, June 7th 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  Ryan@intentionalmentoringmadison.org

Upcoming Events to Note

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QUOTE of the WEEK 

​It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.   ~Maya Angelou

All the best,

Intentional Mentoring