Mentor Development

For June, the challenges will center around the theme of Embracing Diversity. This week’s challenge is to expose your mentee to a situation that shows them some of the diversity in our world. This could mean playing at a park or walking through a neighborhood unlike their own, reading a book or watching a movie about children/people who have a different cultural background than them, or looking for a cultural event going on around the city. No matter how you embrace diversity, be sure to talk to your mentee about their thoughts and feelings and, most importantly, be sure to LISTEN!

Mentor Growth and Development Plan for May-August plan is here.

Mentoring Relationships

Relationships can be difficult you guys. They take work and effort and patience and trust and commitment.  That’s a lot! When your mentee isn’t opening up as much as you’d like or connecting with you as much as you’d like, remind yourself of these things. Take a step back, look at what you’ve tried and what you haven’t yet tried. Can you contact a family member, reach out in a new way (via social media perhaps) or talk to your mentee about how you’re feeling? Don’t forget that you also have a coach you can lean on. There’s no issue too small for you to talk to your coach about!

Fun Summer Ideas

Check out 608 Today for events all around the Madison area, as well as their list of “Kid-Friendly Activities”

📸 We love seeing photos of you and your mentee spending time together! Please share them with us via your coach or using the hashtag #intentionalmentoringmadison 📸

Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates

VAL: Monday, June 26 6:30 – 7:30pm

RYAN: Monday, June 5th 5:30 – 6:30pm

If you have a change in personal information (phone/address/email) please respond to this email or notify your mentor coach ASAP. 

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Intentional Mentoring