Weekly Training Resource

It’s important to always learn and grow which is why Intentional Mentoring requires all mentors to receive 5 hours of training this year. Each week we will include a training resource in this email. Fill out the response form after completing each training.

This 17 minute TED talk is called “Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid”.

Challenge for the Week:

For May, the challenges will center around the theme of Live Healthy, Be Healthy. This week’s challenge is to talk to your mentee about social health. What do you know about your mentee’s friendships? Do they have lots of friends, a few close friends, one good friend? Do they fall prey to peer pressure, do things just to fit in? Ask them what school is like outside of class. What do they do at lunch or recess? What does it feel like for them when a teacher says “find a partner to work with?” Are they more of a follower or more of a leader? What are their family relationships like? Share your experiences, ask them about theirs, challenge their thoughts and your own!

BONUS CHALLENGE: May is Mental Health Awareness month. It’s normal for children and youth to experience a wide range of strong emotions as they grow and mature. However, when extreme emotions start having negative effects on relationships and daily activities, it’s time to intervene. Check out YouthGov.Org for more information. (Any time you spend learning on this website counts towards your training for the year! Be sure to fill out the response form afterwards.)

TIP of the WEEK:

Goals are so helpful but can be so difficult for kids to set. That’s where you come in! Do you know what interests your mentee wants to pursue in the near future? Mostly likely, your mentee has thought about interests, dreams and/or a career they’d like to pursue someday. However, it’s just as likely they don’t have a plan for how they’ll get there. Talking about goal setting, making action steps and creating a plan could put your mentee on a pretty big learning curve. However, the sooner they get on that curve, the sooner they reach their goals! And, you’ll be right there with them supporting them along the way!

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Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates:

ASHLEY: Monday, May 23rd 6:30 – 7:30pm  ashley@intentionalmentoringmadison.org

RYAN: Monday, June 6th 5:30 – 6:30pm  Ryan@intentionalmentoringmadison.org

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