Mentor Development

For April, the challenges will center around the theme of Earth Day. This week’s challenge is to use a “greener” mode of transportation while hanging out with your mentee. Could you bike to the library or to get ice cream instead of driving? How about taking the bus? Maybe your mentee could show you how to use the bus system or maybe they’ve never used it and you could show them how. Instead of going for a drive, how about taking a walk and using it as a time for some intentional conversation? Bike, bus, scooter, walk, carpool, rollerblade…have fun protecting the earth together!

Mentor Growth and Development Plan for February-April is here.

Poverty and Trauma

Maintaining equity helps people who have experienced trauma to feel supported. Below are some tips on maintaining equity.

📸 We love seeing photos of you and your mentee spending time together! Please share them with us via your coach or using the hashtag #intentionalmentoringmadison 📸

Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates

VAL: Monday, April 24th 6:30 – 7:30pm

RYAN: Monday, May 1st 5:30 – 6:30pm

Upcoming Events

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