Here comes February! Two more days to stick with your New Year’s resolutions and then you’ve made it! And by made it, I mean you’ve stuck with it for 30 days. What’s 335 more?? 🙂

Challenge for the week:

For February, the challenges will center around the theme of Share the Love. This week’s challenge is to share what you love with your mentee. Do you love your dog? Skiing? French fries? Your best friend? Talk about what you love and why. As a bonus, also show your mentee what you love. If it’s your dog, take your dog and your mentee to the dog park. If it’s skiing, get on those trails together! There are a LOT of French fries for sale around here! Once you’ve talked about and shared what you love, ask your mentee what he/she loves and encourage him/her to share and show you why!

BONUS CHALLENGE: February is Black History Month. Check out these links, 28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month or 20 Ideas for Celebrating Black History Month for ideas on learning, sharing and growing in knowledge and awareness.

TIP of the WEEK: Sometimes our biases can live in our subconscious, making them hard to spot. The following self-reflection questions can help us recognize our bias and how they might be affecting our relationships.

1.) Have you ever avoided sitting next to someone in public based on how you perceived their race, religion, or ability?

2.) Have you ever justified using specific language (that might  be offensive to others) because a friend told you it doesn’t bother them?

3.) Have you ever joked around and told someone to “stop acting like a girl”?

4.) Have you ever specified someone’s race when it wasn’t necessarily relevant? Ex. Referring to someone as the “black doctor” or “white cashier” or “Latina lawyer”

5.) Have you ever assumed a person’s stance on social issues based on their religion?

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