Well folks, it’s a sad, sad day to be a Packer fan. I mean, what even happened??? 😢

Challenge for the week:

For January, the challenges will center around the theme of Looking Ahead. This week’s challenge is to get going on that plan! What do you need to do first? Set a date? Pick an activity? Have a brave conversation? Whatever you and your mentee decided to do, it’s time to take the first step!

BONUS CHALLENGE: January is National Mentoring Month. That means this month’s challenge is to spread the word about mentoring! One of the biggest hindrances to people becoming mentors is thinking “Who am I? What would I have to offer a child?” But the truth is, we ALL have something to offer! Share your story of why you became a mentor and what your experience has been like with others and then encourage them to get involved. You can also tell them you know just the organization they should contact. 😉

TIP of the WEEK: Noticing our biases and working to change our thoughts in the moment is a good first step toward change. We can also take action to intentionally live more inclusively. Some ideas for taking action include: 1.) Start a conversation with someone who comes from a different background that you or has a different perspective than you. 2.) Challenge the assumptions we make about others. 3.) Consider whose voices are, and aren’t, represented. ~Taken from www.nea.org Teaching Children from Poverty and Trauma. (https://www.nea.org/sites/default/files/2020-07/NEAPovertyTraumaHandbook.pdf )

📸 We love seeing photos of you and your mentee spending time together! Please share them with us via your coach or using the hashtag #intentionalmentoringmadison 📸

Mentor Coaching Group Meeting Dates:

ASHLEY: Monday, January 24th 6:30 – 7:30  ashley@intentionalmentoringmadison.org

RYAN: Monday, January 3rd 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  Ryan@intentionalmentoringmadison.org

Upcoming Events to Note

If you have a change in personal information (phone/address/email) please respond to this email or notify your mentor coach ASAP. 

QUOTE of the WEEK 

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