Intentional Mentoring coaches youth in a positive direction for their mind, body and soul by connecting the gaps between school, home, community, and other activities.

Greatest Potential - Our program hopes to challenge youth to reach their greatest potential.
School, Community and Home - Bringing our city together with intentional mentoring for our youth; building a bridge between School, Community and Home.


Seeking Intentionality- The Why

"The missing link between teaching, coaching, leading, and mentoring was the intentional piece; the piece that assumes our mentee is a part of many things, and is intentionally there in the gaps."


Roots- The What

You may have heard of the achievement gap within our school systems. This achievement gap is both academic and social. Some students have a support network, and their roots are intertwined; others are less connected and may have a more difficult time standing tall in the face of storms. We hope to provide coaching support for students’ roots to grab onto so they can continue to grow upward.


Connections- The How

Intentional Mentoring builds relationships with intentionality. This happens through intentional pairings and intentional coaching of mentors and mentees. This program values communication bridges linking the many areas of a student's life in order to provide additional support through each moment.

"It's always about focusing not on the mistakes, but on the lessons learned by them." - John Wooden

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