When it came to our first pairings, I was excited and nervous. You can’t force mentorships, but you can develop them. As we looked to pair mentors with mentees, we were really grateful at the time and energy each was wanting to give.

2016- End of January, beginning of February marks our first pairings. These pairings involved making sure mentors and mentees met for an introductory meeting. We made sure mentors had supports they needed and contacts both in and outside of the school.

Throughout the first two weeks, the stories are already unfolding. Student excitement to contact their mentors and mentors excited to meet up with other mentor-mentee pairs. There have been statements of wonderment as each pair gets to dive into another life.

The coolest part is the understanding that no one lives the same life. The understanding that we can always add something to the lives we choose to be a part of; as they add to our lives in turn. Conversations rise out of the woodwork, as we realize the impact of each moment we spend with someone outside of our own little world.